subject : Miles sound system 9.0 버전
name : 김두용
file :
Modern, workflow-centric, cross-platform UI(Windows and MacOS). Full asset multi-select for quick batch editing, unlimited undo and fader hardware control.
Source Control Integration— automatically add, edit, and delete assets from source control.
Completely multithreaded— background processing for most time-consuming tasks, never wait for a compression again!
Asset Specialization—customize assets by platform and language.
       Multi-user Editing—each asset is its own file, so banks aren't locked down to a single user.
Runtime debugging and capturing with the new Miles Sound Studio—connect to your game and record events to a timeline. Replay these offline for bug regression, authoring, and polishing. Never again wonder why something didn't play correctly.
Dynamic update sound assets when your game is connected to the Miles Studio—listen to the game, make a change, and the data is automatically transferred over the network to the game (even to consoles)!
Performance Metrics—view memory usage and sample counts via the recorded timeline.
Variables—sound events can now read definable variables set by the game.
Vastly improved streaming better threading, better file behavior, more simultaneous streams!
Auto-Blend-Sounds—start multiple sounds and crossfade volume and pitch between them based on a game supplied variable. Everything you need for automatic engine sound!
Ramps—smoothly ramp categories of sounds, affecting volume, wet level, low pass, or pitch. useful for ducking and bussing.
Super-fast Loading—sound banks are now compiled and loaded in-place, with very few allocations!
Asynchronous sound loads—all asset loading happens on a background thread (including dynamic asset reloading from the Miles Sound Studio).
: Simplygon_Unity integration